This academic year, we’re launching a new STEM-focused program, Disney’s STEM Exploration, for primary school students. It is designed to stimulate their creativity and problem-solving skills through hands-on experiments. Through the program, students will learn that STEM education is part of everyday life, and discover how certain science theories, such as mechanics, ratio and illusion, work in attractions throughout the theme park.
Disney's Animation Magic (Kindergarten)
Create by waving your brush!
Be a junior animator, explore the milestone of Disney animation and the elements of production, and create basic animation.
Disney's Creative Storytelling (Kindergarten)
Expand and Explore the Power of Creativity!
Discover the art and magic of storytelling in Disney Style. In this interactive program, students discover the essential elements of storytelling, and with a little imagination and creativity bring their own stories to life through puppetry and performance.
How Things Move (Kindergarten)
Make the move to Science Fun!
Discover the scientific principles behind all kinds of motion. In this interactive program students become theme park scientists, using hands-on experiments to learn how the physical sciences help power Hong Kong Disneyland's most thrilling attractions!
Disney's Animation Magic (Primary School)
Discover how art comes to life!
Discover the creative and technological principles that help create animated characters, and learn how the process has evolved over time.
Synergy In Science
Creativity + Technology = Fun!
Take a fascinating look at the interaction between technology and creativity and see how they work together in attractions all over Hong Kong Disneyland Park!
Disney’s STEM Exploration
Bring STEM learning to life!
The new STEM-focused program is designed for students to learn that STEM education is part of everyday life and hence, stimulate their creativity and problem-solving skills through hands-on experiments.
Disney's World of Physics (Secondary School)
See the world like never before!
This program shows participants that physical science is all around us. And some exciting examples are right at Hong Kong Disneyland Park.
Global Perspectives : An Adventure in Our Society (Secondary School)
Learn to be a Global Citizen!
Using real-life examples at Hong Kong Disneyland, this program empowers students with essential knowledge through the "issue-enquiry" approach, paving the way for them to become integral parts of the global community.
Disney's Foundations for Career Success (Secondary School)
Discover Workplace Success!
In this engaging experience students explore personal preparation for career interest, the unique Disney Culture, and the expansion of individual skill sets to create career opportunities. Students discover the power of self-discipline and self-motivation as they navigate the professional world.
Disney's Hospitality in Practice (Secondary School S3-S6 and Post-secondary)
Learning more about the Disney Difference in approaching Guest services!
Students will get the chance to observe the daily operations of hospitality services in the Resort and learn about the required skills in the industry.
Remark: Program content may include rides and attractions to enhance the program experience, and is subject to change without prior notice due to park operations.