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Magic Access Member Site is Launched!

Hong Kong Disneyland Magic Access Member Site is now launched! Be ready to extend the magic to everywhere and experience the fun anytime you like!

Member Site Detail

The newly unveiled Magic Access Member Site includes a number of surprising functions:

Highlight the privilege and benefits you entitle to, and also provide with the exclusive updates, events and news from Hong Kong Disneyland.
Offer Disney-themed calendar that allows you to link up with your social network account. Upon successful connection, you may organize your events and view friends' birthdays on the Member Site at one glance, which allows you to plan your gatherings and parties with great ease.
Consolidate all the iPhone applications and Magical Desktop Application produced by Hong Kong Disneyland at a convenient location that enables you to stay connected with the magical world all the time.

Act now! Register the Member Site with your valid Magic Access Membership Card to start the journey!

If you are not a Magic Access Member yet, don't wait! Purchase your own Magic Access Membership Card and get connected with the magical world as soon as possible!