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Get a time, why wait in line?SM Learn how FASTPASS can save your place in line!

Simply insert your park admission ticket into Disney's FASTPASS stations at participating attractions, then you can leave, enjoy the Park and return later during your given times.

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Disney's FASTPASS attractions includes:

*FASTPASS attractions are subject to change. Please refer to the time guide on the day of your visit.

Tips about FASTPASS

  • FASTPASS could reduce waiting time at popular attractions.
  • FASTPASS is an option to all guests, but subject to availability.
  • Each FASTPASS attraction has a FASTPASS option and a Stand-by line. Check the current distribution return time and stand-by wait time to find out which option works best for you.
  • To obtain a FASTPASS, use your park tickets at the FASTPASS Distribution area of participating attractions. When you return during your return time, enter through the FASTPASS return entrance.
  • You can only have one FASTPASS at a time. To find out when you may receive another FASTPASS, simply look at the bottom of your current FASTPASS.
  • Only one member holding the park tickets of the entire party needs to queue up for getting FASTPASS.
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